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Dave and Sarah's Pad
featuring: Dave, Sarah, Johnathan, and Matthew

Hi everyone,

Just a brief note to let you all know that Friday, 7/2, will be my last day of work before I go on maternity leave. The current plan is that I will be back after my leave only to turn in my badge and beeper and do whatever is necessary to end my career here at NEC. At that time I'll probably skim over my e-mail messages but certainly won't have time to respond to or even read all of the message that will be in my 'inbox.'

Today has been a rather sad day for me here since it just hit me that I'll be closing this chapter of my life very soon. I didn't expect it to hit quite so hard or as soon as it did. Dave and I have enjoyed our time and friends in California and I have enjoyed my work and the people here. We are very excited about returning soon to Michigan, though.

I guess that not all of you know about Dave's recent trip to Michigan for interviews, so I'll fill you in briefly. He had 18 interviews in one week and has narrowed his focus down to larger architecture firms (which leaves about 6 in which he's interested). So far he has one offer and more firms which he knows are interested in him. He'll try to make a decision by July 15 since that is when the first firm would like an answer. Pray for us as he makes this decision which he hopes will be a very long term commitment to a job. We are planning on moving in September or October for Dave to start a new job. We do know that God is definitely in control of our lives and He is taking care of us.

Please feel free to write by Friday if you have a chance. I don't have a lot of work left to do before then, so e-mail is a welcome diversion right now. I'll take all of your e-mail addresses with me so that in the event that we buy a computer someday and are on-line at home I'll be able to keep in touch more easily. Perhaps in the mean-time we can send an e-mail using Dave's brother's account letting you know our new address when we return to Grand Rapids. I already miss having e-mail contact with people even though I'm not quite cut off yet. :)


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