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Project : "Know Fear" RC10GT
Team Associated's Radio Controlled Team Stadium Truck
I am in the process of building a second RC10GT. I'm dreaming of an extremely hopped-up version. Below is a list of aftermarket parts I either bought or am looking into buying. I included links to the companies with a web presence. Hopefully I can have this project done in a year.

    Parts and Company Listings
  1. AMR: RC10GT A-Main Racing Chassis
  2. New Era Models: Ultra GT Plus .21 Engine Converter with optional front and rear end chassis braces.
  3. Gold O'Donnel Racing Head for my O.S. 15cv-x (the engine that I am currently running).
  4. Lunsford: Titanium turnbuckles

Images of the project will be posted
Any comments, suggestions, tips (punn intended), or reviews are welcome. You may also email me your awsome RC10GT pictures and I will post them here along with the information you provide.

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